Buffalo National River Photography
old school lost valley
pine and rocks schermerhorn trail
boxley valley sunrise
trillium at first light
north broadwater falls
reflecting pool cecil hollow
mantis on river rock
fall color at kyles landing
Images of America's First National Wild River
Fall at Kyles Landing
This photo gallery collection interprets the Buffalo National River region from many different perspectives. Some images incorporate the gin clear waters of the Buffalo, others depict the pioneer homesteads and old structures, some reflect the wildlife. Some are landscapes, others are close up. The images also portray the Buffalo River by the season.

The site is designed to be a desktop photo book as well as a gallery. This concept meshes well with a world that is increasingly online, and too fast paced. While visitors may purchase prints, this is virtual park. It is a place to take time out, and find a little solace. Perhaps it might lead to visiting this place and experiencing it first hand.

The Buffalo National River is America's unknown national treasure. Nestled in NW Arkansas, the Buffalo National River was the very first designated national river and remains a pristine setting for lovers of the wild. It is 135 miles of wild river, limestone formations, pioneer homesteads, and abundant wildlife. There are three federal wilderness areas, one of them, the Ponca Wilderness borders my home on Gaither Mountain. The surrounding area is a glimpse of another, simpler time and place.

My images are accompanied by a short story about my thoughts and methods. Photos always have a back story, purchasers often want to know about the circumstances and location of an image. These narratives offer a different twist, more like the art gallery experience. The narrative mirrors the conversation we might have about the image. It is more personal, and offers some insight into experiencing the Buffalo National River region.

All images pop up to a larger version for more careful viewing. Each are numbered to simplify communication.

Every photographer knows that the best photos are moments given, and moments captured. It is my good fortune to spend countless hours roaming this area, my adopted home ground, and to pursue my passion for photography.
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fall color on the buffalo river
This is my online gallery, virtual photo book, and store. Over time it will expand greatly as I pursue new themes and subjects.

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